Past Speakers and Presentations

Date Presenter Presentation Title Link
5/10/2024 COL Guy Yelverton
Project Manager Integrated Fires Rapid Capability Office (IFRCO), PEO Missiles & Space
PEO Missiles & Space Update Link
4/11/2024 Jeffrey C. Sullivan
Director, Space, Missile Defense, and Special Programs (SMD&SP) Directorate
ACC Redstone Update Link
3/14/2024 Warren O’Donell
Deputy Director (A) of Hypersonics, Directed Energy, Space and Rapid Acquisition
RCCTO Update Link
2/9/2024 Jesse Barber
Command Ombudsman U.S. Army Materiel Command
AMC Business Development Update Link
1/12/2024 William Craven
Director, Installation Support and Programs Management
US Army Engineering and Support Center Huntsville Not approved for release
12/8/2023 David Zecher
Acting Director Software, Simulation, Systems Engineering and Integration (S3I) Directorate, DEVCOM
S3I Overview Link
11/15/2023 Marsha Kelly-Evans
Logistics Data Analysis Center
Logistics Data Analysis Center (LDAC) Overview Link
9/8/2023 COL Jeff Poquette
Project Manager, Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA)
PM FLRAA Overview Not approved for release
8/11/2023 John Mayes
Director for Contracting, Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
Missile Defense Agency Overview Link
7/14/2023 Johnnie Sharp
Assistant Director of the IT Infrastructure Division
FBI Redstone Overview Not approved for release
6/9/2023 Jeffrey Caldwell
Deputy Executive Director, Army Contracting Command Redstone (ACC-RSA)
ACC Redstone Overview Link
5/12/2023 Rick De Fatta
Deputy to the Commander US Army Space & Missile Defense Command (USASMDC)
USASMD Command Overview Link
4/14/2023 Warren O'Donell
Deputy for Acquisition and Systems Management
PEO Missiles & Space Link
3/10/2023 Bill Marks
Deputy Director, Center Operations at MSFC NASA
Office of Center Operations Link
2/10/2023 Christi Dolbeer
Director, Technology Development, DEVCOM Aviation & Missile Center
Aviation & Missile Center Overview Link
1/13/2023 Steve Sizemore
Deputy Director, Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program Mangement Office, GSA, Federal Acquisition Service
MAS Update for HAMA Link
12/9/2022 LTC Michael Rigney
Product Manager, Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA)
FARA Program Update Link
9/9/2022 Ms. Kim King
Director, Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
MSIC Overview & Challenge Areas Link
8/12/2022 COL Scott Anderson
Project Manager, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Overview Link
7/8/2022 COL Jay Maher
Project Manager, Apache
Apache Overview Link
6/10/2022 COL Guy Yelverton, III
Project Manager, Strategic and Operational Rockets and Missiles (STORM)
STORM Overview Link
5/13/2022 COL Gary Beard
Director of Operations, Plans, and Strategy, US Army Aviation and Missile Command
AMCOM Overview Link
4/8/2022 COL Roger Kuykendall
Project Manager, Aviation Turbine Engine (ATE), PEO Aviation
PM ATE Program Overview Link
3/11/2022 BG Christine A. Beeler
Commanding General, U.S. Army Contracting Command
Army Contracting Command Overview Link
2/11/2022 LTG L. Neil Thurgood
Director of Hypersonics, Directed Energy, Space and Rapid Acquisition
RCCTO Overview Link
1/14/2022 COL Chad Chasteen
Director of Operations, Future Vertical Lift, Cross-Functional Team, Army Futures Command
Future Vertical Lift Overview Not approved for release
12/03/2021 Ms. Cynthia McCrary
Deputy Executive Director, AMCOM Logistics Center
AMCOM Logistics Center Overview Link
11/05/2021 Dr. Christopher Hill
Chief Analytics Officer, Army Materiel Command
AMC Advanced Analytics Link
10/08/2021 Mr. Steve Sizemore
Deputy Director, MAS PMO
GSA Update to HAMA Link
08/13/2021 Dr. Shari Feth, Ph.D
Director, Innovation, Science & Technology
Missile Defense Agency Link
07/9/2021 FBI Panel
Paul Flood, Tammy Clark
Amy Lacey, Dogan Perese
How to do business with the FBI Not approved for release
06/11/2021 COL Johnathan B. Frasier
Project Manager, Aviation Mission Systems and Architecture, PEO Aviation
PM AMSA Overview Link
05/14/2021 COL David Phillips
Project Manager, Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA), PEO Aviation
FLRAA Program Update to Huntsville Aerospace Marketing Association Link
04/09/2021 Jason Detko
Director, Office of Procurement, Marshall Space Flight Center
MSFC Office of Procurement Presentation Link
03/12/2021 COL Frank Lozano
Integrated Fires/Rapid Capabilities Office, Project Manager, PEO Missiles and Space
Update to Huntsville Aerospace Marketing Association Link
02/12/2021 Mr. Jordan Miller
Chief, Strategic Services and Category Management Division, ACC-R
Strategic Services and Category Management Division Link
01/08/2021 Mr. Jesse Barber
Ombudsman, Army Material Command
Readiness of the Strategic Support Area Link
12/11/2020 Mr. Richard DeFatta
Director, Space and Missile Defense Center of Excellence
Update - Huntsville Aerospace Marketing Association Link
10/12/2020 Mr. Eric Lampkin
Command Ombudsman, AMCOM
AMCOM Ombudsman Update Link
09/11/2020 Mr. Joe Giunta, Jr.
Executive Director, ACC-Redstone
Huntsville Aerospace Marketing Association Link
07/10/2020 Mr. Steve Sizemore
GSA Update for HAMA Link
06/12/2020 Ms. Lisa Watson-Morgan
HLS Program Manager
Human Landing System Program Link
03/13/2020 Mr. David Brock
Small Business Specialist, MSFC
Doing Business with NASA / Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Link
02/14/2020 Mr. Barry Pike
Director, Technology Development Directorate, CCDC AvMC
CCDC AvMC Update for HAMA Link
01/10/2020 Dr. Shari Feth
Program Executive for Advanced Technology, MDA
Advanced Technology Program Overview Link
12/13/2019 BG Walter (Wally) Rugen
Director, US Army Future Vertical Lift Cross-Functional Team
Brief to Hama Not approved for release
10/11/19 Dr. Steve Pierce
Chief Technology Officer, SMDC
US Army Space & Missile Defense Command and Multi Domain Operations Link
09/13/19 Mr. Keith L. Englander
Director for Engineering, MDA
Missile Defense Agency Overview Link
08/09/19 Mr. Joe Giunta Jr.
Executive Director, ACC-R
ACC Redstone Presentation to HAMA Link
07/12/19 Mr. Joe Myers
Customer Service Director, GSA
GSA in Huntsville Link
06/21/19 Mr. Jesse Barber
Command Ombudsman
Army Materiel Command Update Link