Past Speakers and Presentations

Date Presenter Name of Presentation Download
9/14/2018 COL Luke Paterson
Chief of Staff, PEO Missiles & Space
PEO Missiles & Space Overview Brief Link
8/10/2018 Mr. Timothy Vinson
Chief of Staff, Apache Project Office
Apached Introductory Brief Link
7/13/2018 Mr. Lee Rosenberg
Director, MDA OSBP
MDA Link
6/8/2018 Mr. Jesse Barber
Ombudsman, Army Materiel Command
AMC Partnerships Link
5/11/2018 Mr. Steve Sizemore
Director, Direct Client Support Division
GSA Update Link
4/13/2018 Mr. Jeff Langhout
System Simulation, Software & Integration Directorate
System Simulation, Software & Integration Directorate Realignment Link
3/9/2018 Mr. Rick DeFatta
HAMA Luncheon Link
2/9/2018 Mr. Danny Featherston
Program Manager, PIF, AMRDEC
HAMA Luncheon Link
1/12/2018 Mr. Patrick H. Mason
Deputy, PEO Aviation
HAMA Luncheon Brief Unavailable
12/8/2017 Ms. Rebecca Werick
Executive Director, ACC Redstone
HAMA Luncheon Link
11/17/2017 Mr.Mike Chandler
Project Manager, PEO MS, IAMD
Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense Link
10/13/2017 Mr.Tom Kallam
AMCOM Update Link
08/11/2017 MG Stephen Farmen
Commanding General, USASAC
United States Army Security Assistance Command Link
07/14/2017 Mr. Scott Sweetow
Deputy Director, TEDAC, FBI
Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center Overview Not Available
06/09/2017 Mr. Layne Merritt
Chief Engineer, AMRDEC, Army Aviation S&T
Army Aviation S&T Overview Link
05/12/2017 Mr. Eddie Mills
Deputy Director, Direct Client Support Division
GSA Update for HAMA Link
04/13/2017 COL John Hurley
Commander, Huntsville Center
U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville Link
03/10/2017 Mr. Jonathan Pettus
Associate Director
Building the Future of Space Flight and Exploration Link
02/10/2017 Mr. Stan Sherrod
Deputy Director Engineering Directorate, AMRDEC
Engineering Directorate HAMA Brief Link
01/13/2017 Mr. Stephen Beard
Deputy Director for Test, MDA
Anticipated Future Test Resource Requirements Link
12/09/2016 Mr. Charles Basham
Chief of Staff, PEO Missiles & Space
Overview to Hama Link
10/14/2016 COL D. Bryan Byers
Project Manager, THAAD, MDA
THAAD Overview Link
08/12/2016 Mr. James Johnson
Director, Future Warfare Center, SMDC
Future Warfare Center Overview to HAMA Link
07/08/2016 Ms. Julie Locker
Cyber Lead, AMRDEC
AMRDEC Cyber Capabilities Link
06/10/2016 Mr. Rich Kretzschmar
Project Manager, Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP) / Future Vertical Lift (FVL)
ITEP / FVL Overview Link
05/13/2016 Mr. Richard Matlock
Program Executive for Advanced Technology, MDA
Advanced Technology Overview Link
04/08/2016 COL James Romero
Project Manager, Joint Attack Munition Systems (JAMS), PEO M&S
PEO Missiles and Space Link
03/11/2016 Dr. Corky Clinton
Deputy Manager, Science and Technology Office, MSFC
Science and Technology Overview and Additive Manufacturing Special Topics Link
02/12/2016 Mr. James Lackey
Director, AMRDEC
AMRDEC Overview and Contracting Opportunities Link
01/15/2016 Mr. Timothy Bishop
Director, Threat Systems Management Office, PEO STRI
12/11/2015 Ms. Nancy Small
Director, Office of Small Business Programs, AMC
AMC Link
11/13/2015 Ms. Julie Schumacher
Deputy to the Commander, USASMDC / ARSTRAT
10/09/2015 Marcia Holmes
Chief Engineer, PEO Missiles and Space
PEO Missiles and Space Link
08/21/2015 Mr. Tom Kallam
Command Ombudsman, AMCOM
07/10/2015 Mr. John D. Beck
Deputy Project Manager, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, PEO Aviation – Redstone
Army UAS Update Link
06/12/2015 Mr. William E. Andrews, Jr.
Deputy Executive Director, AMCOM Logistics Center
AMCOM Overview Link
05/08/2015 Dr. Juanita Harris
Weapons Development and Integration Directorate, AMRDEC
AMRDEC Overview Link
04/10/2015 Mr. Jeff Langhout
Director, AMRDEC Aviation Engineering
It’s Been 2 Years… How are Things Going? Link
03/13/2015 Mr. Rob Goldsmith
AMRDEC Cyber Lead
Cyber Community Highlights Link
02/13/2015 Mr. Bill Colson, SES
Systems Simulation, Software, and Integration (S3I) Overview Link
01/09/2015 LTC Rich Bratt
Redstone Test Center (RTC)
RTC Link
12/12/2014 COL Rob Barrie
Project Manager
Cargo Helicopters
Cargo Helicopters Link
11/14/2014 COL Michelle Sanner
Deputy Executive Director
ACC-R Link
10/10/2014 Thomas E. Webber
Director, Space and Cyberspace Technology Directorate, Technical Center
09/18/2014 HAMA Annual Gathering
The Botanical Gardens – Arbor Room
08/08/2014 Steve Sizemore
Direct Client Support Division, GSA Federal Acquisition Service
GSA Link
07/11/2014 Richard Tyler
Deputy Project Manager, Apache Helicopters
PEO Link
06/13/2014 Mr. Rusty Weiger
Deputy Program Executive Officer, Aviation
PEO Link
05/09/2014 COL Gerald Davis
Project Manager, Aviation Systems
PEO Link
04/11/2014 COL James “Jim” Brashear
Project Manager, Non-Standard Rotary Wing Aircraft
Non-Standard Rotary Wing Aircraft PMO Link
03/14/2014 COL Brian Tachias
Project Manager, U.S. Army Fixed Wing Project Office
Fixed Wing Update Link
02/14/2014 David Brock
NASA MSFC Small Business Office
01/10/2014 Stacy Counts
NASA MSFC Partnership Office